Our Enduring Generational Values 

Our strong values have been handed down from generation to generation, starting with our grandfather, who migrated to this great country from Germany in 1930 with nothing more than the clothes on his back and a strong will to succeed.


We are thoughtful and consistent partners who value strong relationships. We regard our investments with long-term thinking in mind. MCP has a passion for promoting the legacy of the businesses we have the privilege to own in our portfolio.


We promote a collaborative approach to develop robust strategic plans and make investment decisions. Our hand-picked team of internal and external professionals have a proven track record of delivering above-average returns.

Operational Excellence:

Our team has developed proven processes, creative or critical thinking strategies, and a continuous improvement culture as the baseline for Operational Excellence. Over the generations, we have been afforded the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. We constantly benchmark our performance with well-defined KPIs.


We recognize that advancements in technology and processes have the power to unlock teamwork, refine procedures, and boost efficiencies across all industries. We do not shy away from empowering and modernizing our portfolio companies. We strive for data-driven outcomes and better alignment for everyone within our organization.


As the only Managing Partners and using only family capital, Bill Gebhardt and Tom Gebhardt are the sole decision-makers for Monarch Capital. This offers flexibility and speed to setting deals and making funding decisions on the right capital investments.

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