Monarch Capital has a long-term investment approach. We respect the relationships and hard work that goes into building a successful business. The Monarch Capital team is committed to preserving that legacy for all stakeholders.

Our professionals have a proven track record, over three decades, of providing owners with smooth transitions and exits. Our shared services team at Corporate Group, Inc. is an invested partner to help manage risk and drive profitability.

We have a strong capital structure and diversified portfolio, which provides the ongoing capital to invest in great people and ideas.

Monarch Capital Partners is your company’s Legacy Caretaker.

When I sold my business, the Gebhardts spent the time to understand the nuances that made my business valuable. With their help, the business was able to expand its footprint across the country and develop a robust product offering building up the proprietary IP value of the company.

I am a firm believer that employees make the business. With the power of Corporate Group’s shared services behind the company, the employees were given expanded benefits, additional opportunities, and, most importantly, the ability to weather the downturns that come with the Oil and Gas sector.

When I sold, I agreed to stay on for a few years; however, I enjoyed and respected how the Gebhardts treated me and supported the business, so I stayed with the company for 8 more years—their structure and business practices and the Gebhardts’ class act made for a great experience.

Paul Brennan – Former Owner of Flow Data

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