There are three pillars to our investment model: active, passive, and philanthropic.

We pursue investments with the potential for above-average returns and are willing to take on additional calculated risk.

1.    Active Investments:

Active investments are our greatest passion, given our vast experience in buying, running, and managing companies. Bill & Tom started their careers in the family business working in one of the shops. They understand the day-to-day challenges faced with running a business and want to use that knowledge to be value added investors. Monarch Capital Partners established Corporate Group, Inc as a support arm for the operating companies. Corporate Group is comprised of a team of accounting, human resource, marketing, and IT professionals that act as investment partners providing shared services to manage risk and drive profitability.

2.    Passive Investments

We use passive investments to diversify our portfolio, which provides added stability to our portfolio companies. In addition, it helps to ease the long-term risk and de-leverage the businesses when capital is needed for growth. We pass the benefits of financial stability (steady returns and lower risk) to our operating companies and use that wealth as seed capital to grow our current investments and pursue new acquisitions. We have trusted strategic portfolio managers that oversee our passive interests.

3.    Gebhardt Family Foundation

We created a family foundation to promote our passion for giving back to the community. Our private family foundation is dedicated to supporting programs that produce a lasting and positive impact on the lives and communities that we work and live in. The foundation supports community development organizations, educational aid organizations, environmental charities, healthcare institutes, and human services organizations.

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